The Welsh folktale of King March’s ears

Legends, folktales and mythology often provide a way to look at the human condition and provide lessons that still have value today. The Welsh folktale of March’s ears looks at the subject of physical deformity and gives insight into what is really important in a human being. It is a very old tale and versions of it exist in many parts of the world. The story deals with a number of themes including the shame felt by humans affected by deformity and the urge to conceal it from the world. It helps us come to terms with our own self perceived imperfections and recognize and accept the important qualities in people.

King March

The tale tells how there once lived in Wales a ruler called King March Ab Meirchion. He had a rich palace and court at Castellmarch, Lleyn. March was one of the great sea traders of Britain and his marine time trade was very lucrative. He was the ruler over a rich and prosperous land where the fields were well tilled and produced ample crops for the people. His subjects were happy and worked hard upon the land and were generally content with their lot. They loved their king for his kindness, generous spirit and the justice of his rule. In his palace in a strong room he kept a great treasure trove which was full of pearls, jewels, gold and silver. He had all the wealth and possessions he could possible need and by any reckoning should have been a very happy man, but the truth is he was not. Read more

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