A folktale of the white hare

In some parts of Britain it used to be said by the cunning folk that when a pure maiden who had loved a man with all her heart and soul is forsaken or is betrayed by him, then her spirit returns in the form of a white hare to haunt that man bringing him misery and death.

Image by Daniel W. Carstensen – CC BY 4.0

The ghostly hare follows the deceiver wherever he goes. The white hare is said to be visible to the deceiver and usually invisible to almost everyone else. In some cases the white hare saves him from danger from others so that it can continue to heap misery upon him for its own ends. Invariably the ghostly hare finally causes his death at a time and place to satisfy its own desire for vengeance.  Read more


8 thoughts on “A folktale of the white hare

  1. I’ve never heard of that story before – this was a really interesting post.I suspect this story probably was a warning both against getting too intimate with people outside your station, and a warning to would-be seducers.

    • Could be! There are a number of different versions. Other common themes are betrayal and revenge and they can bring a warning of some kind. Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated!

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