The Rollright Stones: Magic, Mystery and Murder


The King’s Men – by The locster – CC BY-SA 3.0

The Rollright Stones are a group of three ancient monuments dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, situated along the borders of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire in England.  The complex is made up of three different sets of standing stones individually known as the King Stone, the King’s Knights and the Whispering Knights.  Their original purpose and meaning have been long lost but such is the enigmatic and inscrutable nature of the stones that many myths, legends and traditions evolved around the site. Stories of witches and kings, petrification spells, death and madness, failed attempts at moving the stones, fairies living under the stones, fortune telling and superstitions and many more such traditions add to the mystery and magic of the Rollright Stone Complex.

The Witch and the King

Probably the most famous legend tells how the complex was created by a witch who turned an invading king and his army into three sets of standing stones.  The legend tells how the king and his army traveling through the district came across a witch who took an apparent dislike to the king and his men and turned them to stone.  She then turned herself into an elder tree to watch over them.  Read More

9 thoughts on “The Rollright Stones: Magic, Mystery and Murder

  1. Cool story (and the extended version over at Folkrealm Studies), Zteve! BTW, there’s at least one or two calls for fiction stories about witches right now, January-February I think. I can pass them along to you, if you want. FF to email, tweet, or etc. Now, Zteve, can we get a witch to turn the president-elect into stone (he’s already dumb and insensitive as a rock)!?

    • Thanks Leigh appreciated. Yes please those calls sound interesting. I have dropped my email i your Twitter Direct message box or you can tweet or what ever you feel comfortable with. As for witches we have Theresa May who is trying her hardest to turn the EU into a stone circle. If she succeeds at that then you can gladly have her to petrify the president-elect. Indeed these are strange times we live in, very strange! Thanks again!

      • Yeah, I’ve been watching some of the goings-on, on EuroNews, with her saying it was going to be a full exit, not partial, from the EU and I’m hearing that Scotland wants to make its own choice of whether to leave or not.
        As you said, Zteve, strange times, strange people, strange events! I’ll probably e-mail later today; trying to get over another flu I’ve acquired somewhere (Ugh!).

      • Sorry you you have not been well . Yes indeed its like some mad, twisted scientist has unleashed his evil creations on us for no other reason than spite. Look forward to hearing from you Leigh when you are feeling up to it and hope you feel better soon..

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