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I have a wide range of interests that I write about.  Writing is my hobby and my real work is supporting people with Learning Disabilities and Special Needs live life to the full. I have worked in this vocation for around 14 years.

Before that I spent time studying  at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK where I gained B.A (Hons) Degree in American Studies and English Literature.  I spent my earlier years as a bricklayer and built up a small building business before an arm injury forced me to find a different way of earning a living.

I love being out and about in the countryside and exploring new places and often write about the places I visit.   I have a deep affinity with the natural world, animals, plants, trees, birds, and all other of God’s creatures and a healthy respect for spiders, scorpions, snakes and anything that stings, or bites.

While every picture tells a story, a photograph is just an instant of time frozen and the beholder will make what they will of it.  What was then will not be what is now or what it will be in the future. Meaning is entirely made in the mind of the beholder and may mean one thing to one person and something else to another.

Therefore always be wary of photographs they may not be what they seem.  They may be only one line in the many stanzas that make up a long poem.

Meanwhile and thankfully, the ballad of zteve t evans continues to unfold.

50 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Zteve, Enchanted Conversation has their midsummer-themed fiction submission period right now (ending soon: 30 May). You might like to check them out; fwiw, I enjoy reading them (there’s a fair amount of poetry, but also some fiction), and the lady who orchestrates it all, Dr. Kate Wolford, is very professional and knowledgeable. If you wish, you can navigate about her site from here: http://www.fairytalemagazine.com/2016/05/window-for-midsummer-submissions.html

  2. Very interesting work – ideal to help me teach ‘myths and heroes’ to my final year baccalaureate students here in sunny Lille. Just a question … when did you graduate from Keele? I did English Lit and French language there myself maybe we shared a lecture hall!!??

    • Thank you, greatly appreciated! Well, I started a 4 year course including the Keele Foundation Year in September 1991 and graduated in July 1995. You never know we may have sat in at the same lecture but it really is lovely to hear that you went to Keele so thanks for letting me know.

  3. Hey I want to use your salamander mythology article for a project. I’m trying to format it for MLA and I was wondering if you had a publisher or sponsor?

  4. Hi – could you please tell me where you got your image for the myth of Robin Hood, which I believe is from Gaston Phoebus’ Livre du Chasse.
    Many thanks

  5. Hey I’m fascinated by your post about The mermaids of the Peak District, have you visited the pools your self or know anyone who has? I am interested in doing a radio documentary feature about this topic as a part of my degree so any information you have would be of great value to me, if you’d rather discuss this privately follow me back on Twitter @AnyaLPearce , thanks! 🙂

  6. Dear Zteve, Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all of the likes, it’s good to know someone reads the posts. Glad to see your still on the same paths, and posting as insightfully as ever. Keep on truckin!

  7. May I dare to venture that your writing (even unpaid) is ‘real’ work of equal value to the dayjob you get paid for. Glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to some good reads 🙂

  8. Thank you for writing this blog. I was doing research into King Lier and Cordeilla and this information helped. I look forward to reading more.

  9. Heya..! I hope you are doing great, and everything is going amazing on your end… Today I wanted to take sometime and – THANK YOU…! For visiting my blog and engaging on my posts ( http://www.theinspirationalbeing.com – Diary that Speaks)….!

    I know I don’t engage more on your posts, but I do acknowledge your presence on my blog..! And read your this intro today. May God bless you and help you in your vision to support Special Child.

    I hope your time is utilized at the best, on my blog..! Have a great day ahead..!

    Abdul Gani Punjabi

    • Thank you! Indeed it is surprising what disadvantaged people can achieve with a little patience, a little assistance and a little encouragement.and when they shine it is so bright.

  10. Steve; Hey, this is a cool site and you are amazing. will surely get some books. My name is ROSS MARSHALL. You gave me an idea. Could you consider -rewriting all our research in a more narrative storytelling style? Whatever, you can split proceeds or not I don’t care. My professors’ works are so technical, dry, and way too advanced for the common reader. but you being very well-read in myths and legends seem to have the writing ability. I will send ALL FREE PDFs of our books up on amazon in reply- at least give a review and see if you can use ANY of the material yourself,.. I am older and just trying to developed scholarly interests before I go to the Beulaland. See Amazon under dr John Pilkey or my name ROSS S MARSHALL writer, publisher, historian. Weirdvideos.com as a Portal to Amazon. ROSS 360-421-7195
    I am at RossMarshall@WeirdVideos.com

  11. Hi, Zteve! It is nice to read all of your post because I love folktale/folklore so much.
    I wonder if you know something about Gajah Mina? You know, the folklore or myth that tell Gajah Mina’s body is a combination of elephant and fish.
    Thanks in advance.

    • “Telling the Bees and Other Customs: The Folklore of Rural Crafts” by Mark Norman if that is the book you mean, is available on Amazon in Hardback, paperback and Kindle. A novel by Peggy Hesketh, called, “Telling the Bees” is also available on Amazon as hardback, paperback, Kindle and MP3 CD.

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