Strange the things that we encounter in the past

That arose to present influence.

From some arose immediate impact.

Some lay dormant waiting the time

And from some arose a rose.

Others, like invisible threads, run through our lives,

Connecting, binding, past and present,

Shooting the future.

Places, events, music, poetry, people, and more,

The natural world around us, and more, and more,

Seep into our senses, seeding the empty spaces.


The unconscious and the conscious.

We create our own song,

Yet together we sing the same song.

Our melodies and harmonies entwine and interweave, creating,

Building, expanding, mind, body and soul.

Just as it always was,

And just as it is,

So it shall always be.

Under the sun

The song of the earth folk is sung,

Celebrating the decaying body,

The expanding mind

And the evolution of the soul,

The growing rose

Shall blossom and die,

And the seeds germinate

The empty spaces.

And from the exploding universe,

Arose a rose of many petals,

Of many layers expanding,

Until from the exploding rose

Arose a universe.

And from the end, arose the beginning

And from the beginning arose the end,

And so it continues

Held together by threads.

© zteve t evans