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Tales of the Lost, the Drowned and the All-Seeing Eye – Vengeance Will Come!

This work explores legends of towns, cities, islands and lands lost to the sea or buried by sand or snow. Along with the legend of the loss very often comes a myth of origin of a feature of the landscape, such as a lake, massive dune or ocean reef. As well as exploring mythical and legendary examples we look at real towns and places in history that were disastrously wiped out. In many cases we find there is a simple but powerful message that our behaviour is constantly monitored and judged. Any transgression of God’s laws will not go unnoticed by the all-seeing eye. We will be judged and punished accordingly in a time and manner that suits the divine will. Vengeance will come!

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The Feather of the Firebird: A Creative Retelling of the Firebird, Princess Vasilisa and the Horse of Power

The Firebird is usually said to represent the whole truth, or enlightenment of the world.  Princess Vasilisa represents love. The finding of a single feather from the Firebird represents the finding of a single grain of truth.  If the whole truth is desired then the whole Firebird must be sought to gain enlightenment. The Tsar is not satisfied with a feather but demands the whole truth, represented by the Firebird and sends Alexis to bring it back.  Yet, he is not satisfied with the whole Firebird and demands love in the form of Princess Vasilisa. 

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Havelok the Dane: Hero-King of Two Realms

Havelok the Dane is a story from English medieval romance centered on the theme of the persecuted heir and the cruel guardian. It tells how two rightful heirs to two kingdoms were cheated out of their inheritance and eventually after much suffering won through, marrying each other and regaining their inheritance.

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