The Breton legend of the drowning of the city of Ys

According to Breton folklore there once was a beautiful and famous city named Ys, which was also known as Ker-is, or Is. A legend tells of the fall of this once great city through the pagan practices of a princess named Dahut and her followers.

The legend of Ys

There are many versions of the legend. Most have Gradlon, or Galon as the king who built the city. The oldest versions say the city was originally located in in an area of the Bay of Douarnenez that was just above the waterline and was built 2,000 years before King Gradlon. But by the time of King Gradlon’s reign the land had become so eroded that the sea was inundating the city at high tides. To keep the sea at bay huge walls were built around it with massive gates placed in them to control the flow of the sea.  Read more